Swedish Raukonium

RAUKONIUM 2023-01-21 12.07.58

Raukonium is a hypothetical chemical element with the symbol Rk and atomic number 120. It is a synthetic element and does not occur naturally on Earth. Like all synthetic elements, it can only be produced in a laboratory. The properties of Raukonium are not well-known, as it has not yet been synthesized. However, it is… Continue reading Swedish Raukonium

The Swedish Museum Manifesto

The Swedish Museum Manifesto Dodecahedron CC0

Introduction: The Swedish Museum Manifesto for sets out the principles and values that guide the museum in the acquisition, preservation, and presentation of digital items as part of their cultural heritage collections. In an increasingly digital world, the Swedish Museum have a unique role to play in ensuring that these items are collected, cared for,… Continue reading The Swedish Museum Manifesto

The Swedish Item Award

The Swedish Museum Item Award – January 2023 CC0

The Swedish Museum Item Award is an annual award presented to museums and other cultural institutions for the acquisition and implementation of exceptional digital AI items. The award recognizes museums that have demonstrated innovative use of artificial intelligence in the acquisition, preservation, and presentation of cultural heritage items. To be eligible for the award, a… Continue reading The Swedish Item Award

The Swedish Canon


The Swedish Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the cultural heritage of Sweden. By collecting, preserving, and displaying digital artifacts and other cultural materials, the museum helps to promote understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures that have shaped Sweden’s history and society. Through its exhibitions and research activities, the Swedish Museum plays a… Continue reading The Swedish Canon

Swedish Dipitism

Deep Leaf Dipitism CC0

Once there was a single leaf, hanging from the branches of a great tree. It was a beautiful leaf, with a bright green color and a glossy sheen. As the winds of autumn blew through the forest, the leaf found itself torn from its home on the tree. It was carried far away, tumbling and… Continue reading Swedish Dipitism

Little Red Swedish Riding Hood


Once upon a time, in a world not so different from our own, there was a young girl named Lil Red Riding Hood. She lived in a small village with her mother, who was very protective of her only child. One day, Lil Red’s mother asked her to deliver a basket of food to her… Continue reading Little Red Swedish Riding Hood

The Anonymous Swede

The Anonymous Swede DALL·E 2023-02-14 21.38.12 CC0

Once there was an anonymous Swede, a quiet and unassuming person who went about their daily life without attracting much attention. They had no close friends or family, and spent most of their time alone. Despite their anonymity, the Swede was deeply troubled by the world around them. They watched as society became more and… Continue reading The Anonymous Swede