Swedish Dipitism

Deep Leaf Dipitism CC0
Deep Leaf Dipitism CC0

Once there was a single leaf, hanging from the branches of a great tree. It was a beautiful leaf, with a bright green color and a glossy sheen.

As the winds of autumn blew through the forest, the leaf found itself torn from its home on the tree. It was carried far away, tumbling and spinning through the air until it landed gently on the windowsill of a small cottage.

Leaf Home Tree from Window Deep Dream CC0

The leaf was pleased to have found a comfortable spot, and it settled down to rest, basking in the warm sunlight that streamed through the window.

But as the days passed, the leaf began to feel lonely. It missed the rustling of the other leaves, the chatter of the birds, and the soothing presence of the tree.

One day, the leaf heard a soft knock at the window. It turned to see a sparrow peering in at it.

“Hello, little leaf,” said the sparrow. “Why are you all alone here?”

qrxzwx5cfd41e9bf75e43a607b973690e8f7346fa1a3eb CC0

The leaf told the sparrow about how it had been blown from its home on the tree. The sparrow listened sympathetically, and then said, “I can take you back to the tree, if you’d like. Just hold on tight.”

Gratefully, the leaf wrapped itself around the sparrow’s leg, and together they flew back to the tree. As they approached, the leaf could see the other leaves rustling and waving, welcoming it back.

Deep Leaf Horror Vacui CC0
Deep Leaf Horror Vacui CC0

The deep leaf was overjoyed to be reunited with its home, and it vowed to never stray so far again. And as it basked in the sunlight, surrounded by its leafy companions, it knew that it was exactly where it belonged.

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