Mischief Sweden

Mischief Sweden CC0

The intersection of artificial intelligence and art has given rise to new forms of expression, from machine-generated music to computer-generated images. However, as with any emerging technology, AI art has its share of challenges. One of the most significant challenges facing AI art is the issue of authorship. Who is responsible for the art created… Continue reading Mischief Sweden

Parking Lot Sweden

Swedish Museum Parking Lot CC0 tinywow_DALL·E 2023-03-25 17.33.04

A group of friends decided to visit a local museum. After parking their car in the museum’s lot, they noticed a series of solar signs etched into the wall next to them. The signs depicted different phases of the sun and seemed to be pointing in different directions. As they were admiring the signs, one… Continue reading Parking Lot Sweden

Designated Collection of Sweden

The Banana Republic CC0

Designated Collection is a term used in Sweden to refer to a government-controlled system of collecting and distributing bananas during the 1980s. This system was established in response to a shortage of bananas, which were in high demand in Sweden at the time. The Designated Collection system worked by having the Swedish government establish agreements… Continue reading Designated Collection of Sweden