Amalia Lindegren


Amalia Lindegren displayed an early talent, making and selling drawings in the manner of Maria Röhl: she started to paint in oil in 1839, became a student of Sofia Adlersparre in 1842, and participated in her first exhibition the following year … read more about Amalia Lindegren at The Biographical Dictionary of Swedish Women (SKBL)!… Continue reading Amalia Lindegren

Anna Gardell-Ericson


At the age of sixteen, Anna Gardell-Ericson began painting and displayed sufficient talent for her to be sent to Switzerland to begin her studies. Later, she studied with Per Daniel Holm at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm; making her début at one of the Academy’s exhibitions in 1875. The following year,… Continue reading Anna Gardell-Ericson

Isaac Grünewald

Karl Johans Torg

Isaac Grünewald met his future wife Sigrid Hjertén in 1909 and encouraged her to study painting with him in Paris. Having married in 1911, Grünewald and Hjertén from 1912 on regularly exhibited together at home and abroad. Art historians nowadays often cite them as being responsible for introducing modernism to Sweden … read more about… Continue reading Isaac Grünewald

Jenny Nyström

Self-portrait with son

Jenny Nyström studied at the Kjellbergska flickskolan. In 1865 she started in the Gothenburg art school Göteborgs Musei-, Rit- och Målarskola, today known as Konsthögskolan Valand, and in 1873 she was admitted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm, where she studied for eight years. Thanks to a scholarship, this was followed by… Continue reading Jenny Nyström

Gustaf Cederström


Gustaf Cederström father, Carl Emanuel Cederström (1804-1892) was a naval officer and his mother, Theresine (1815-1873), was an amateur painter. His interest in history began when he was still very young and he discovered that one of his ancestors had participated in the Skirmish at Bender … read more about Gustaf Cederström at Wikipedia! Narva… Continue reading Gustaf Cederström

Pehr Arvid Säve

Wisborg castle 1858

Pehr Arvid Säve was born in Roma the son of the provost there, Pehr Säve and his wife Hedvig Lallerius. Säve started out as a teacher in Visby 1835–57, and he soon became a pioneer for the Gotlandic cultural history … read more about Pehr Arvid Säve at Wikipedia! Wisborg castle 1858 – Public Domain