Main Square Dipitism

by Studio Atang Dipitism is a visual art style that is characterized by the use of brightly colored, bold geometric shapes and patterns. This style originated in the mid-20th century and was heavily influenced by the movements of abstract expressionism and pop art. Dipitism is known for its use of vibrant, saturated colors and its… Continue reading Main Square Dipitism

Dipitized Apes

by Studio Atang The Dipitized Apes: A Masterpiece of Dipitism If you’re a fan of contemporary art, chances are you’ve heard of the famous dipitized apes. This stunning piece of artwork, created by the talented artist J.R.R. Smith, is a true masterpiece of dipitism. For those unfamiliar with dipitism, it is a visual art style… Continue reading Dipitized Apes

Tyra Kleen in Étaples

Étaples 1896 – Public Domain

Tyra Kleen was an artist, an author, and a cosmopolitan. Both Jugend and symbolist motifs figure in her art, as well as colourful images of dancers and ceremonial hand movements, and portraits. Tyra Kleen was born in 1874 and was the youngest of three children born to the Swedish diplomat Richard Kleen and his wife,… Continue reading Tyra Kleen in Étaples